Friday, 11 July 2014

Is ordering homework online risky?

In this busy world of today, it is imperative human nature to find out shortcut to every assignment and to complete it without much of hard work. These days the education system across the globe has become very demanding and it is not easy for the students to cope up with its increasing demands. Because of it, many students become prey to the academic websites and without thinking of the consequences they purchase their assignments online.

Though it seems an easy way option to purchase the assignments online, but the impact can be very negative and most of the students are not aware of the same. Let us highlight the impact in the form of points for your guidance: 
·         While dealing with assignments the biggest crime is plagiarism. It has many forms and there are many ways to commit it. The one of the simplest definitions of plagiarism is to take a credit of someone else’s work. It is a major academic crime and its punishment depends on the rules of the individual institute or university. By buying the assignment online you can be its victim easily.

·         There is a greater chance of you getting caught by presenting with a readymade assignment, as your teacher is highly aware of your potential and abilities with a rich experience of the past. He will easily pick you up if the assignment is not made by you.

·    The academic websites do claim that they provide you the best of material and free of plagiarism, but all can easily go wrong. The provided content may be of a very low quality and the sources mentioned by the websites could be fake and you might end up paying for the sloppy and unreliable work a complete waste of time and money.

·         Even if you get a good written dissertation in your hand, but imagine if it turns out to be a paper which your teacher has already seen. There is a high chance that you get a paper which is already sold to someone else.

·         The purchased paper may not match the criteria set by your teacher and even after spending a good deal of money you still are left behind on your academic front. Instead, you can work better yourself and it does not matter much if it is not of a high standard.

Finally, if your homework is kicked off because of plagiarism and other honor codes, where would you stand does risking that much work? Certainly not, think again!

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